Makes it possible to relieve itching scalp marigold

Sometimes dry scalp, dandruff, shampoo, scalp fungus due to unhealthy eating habits and itchy in the head, there is itching in the head do not understand how it should be stopped. At times, the head of public embarrassment or shame, leading to itching and irritation and scratching from the times when it takes the redness and rashes. But do not be upset, because home remedies will help you with the problem of itching can easily overcome. This home remedy to ward off your head itch hair care will also help. Through this article, let’s take this remedy information.

Itchy scalp and marigold: – smsya to avoid rather than use expensive products you can use marigold flowers. Marigold flowers Flkonoids help protect against harmful free radicals is high volume. Also anti-Inflementri marigold flowers, antiviral and antibacterial properties are known for. To relieve itching in the head’s how to use it.

Self Kal as of the lilies of the infusion:- 4 to prepare extracts of marigold marigold flowers, 500 ml water and half lemon needs. Now to make extracts water  lilies in flower  boil together for a while. Mix lemon juice in the water again. Infusion after preparation, shampoo massage well before it on your scalp. Then the Scalp to remove dandruff from your hair with apple cider vinegar and washable.Wash hair with a mild shampoo after naturally drying it. Avoid using hair dryer in hair because it may increase itching. To get the best results on a regular basis to use the infusion. This measure helps to relieve the symptoms of scalp psoriasis.

And other measures:- With the help of natural oils can also be used to relieve itchy scalp. Dry scalp is itchy too. So head Titry oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil should mix. As long as this measure does not solve the problem of itching used regularly.
Lemon juice is also good for the hair. Head a little lemon juice and a few minutes after hair wash met.

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