Clove is beneficial in the treatment of many diseases

Enhance the taste of food with cloves of Ayurvedic Medicine works. Besides that appear small in size cloves spices can be used in many ways. Ranging from simple problems, such as cold in the treatment of severe disease like cancer it is used.

Types of cloves:- There are two kinds of cloves, the sharp aroma and the other blue. Clove oil is extracted from the blue machines. The smell of oil is fast and simple in taste is pungent cloves. Clove oil is used as medicine. It kills insects by applying oil on the skin and in the teeth by applying tooth pain relief. Through this article we tell you about the benefits of cloves.

Benefits of clove:-

  1. The clove oil is removed, it is much more rewarding.
  2. Kapha-Pitta cloves as well as analgesics is also deadly.
  3. Cloves should be taken to nausea and thirst.
  4. Direct direct influences digestion cloves.
  5. Long intake increases appetite, it increases the secretion of digestive juices.
  6. Worms in the stomach so food intake cloves gives relief.
  7. Ground cloves with sugar syrup or honey is useful to take.
  8. Clove eating white blood cell in the body mounting, the body is strong.
  9. Clove is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma.
  10. The advantages of cloves in diseases:-
  11. I have problems with the skin of any type can be used on the cloves. Bure cloves with sandalwood on skin disease Coating benefits.
  12. When the gas in the stomach in a cup of boiling water add two cloves ground. Let him drink water after cooling, will end acidity.
  13. Pain in the teeth two to three cloves Grind lemon juice came Collect toothache relief.
  14. The smell of the mouth by chewing cloves roasted lighter ends.
  15. Ulcers in the mouth to chew on cloves benefits.
  16. Ground cloves with hot water from the food is cold and fever.
  17. Pain or swelling in the neck, throat pain by massage with mustard oil of cloves is over.


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