Appendicitis is the panacea Horsegram

If you are bothered by the pain of kidney stones and are finding ways to avoid the pain your horse gram dal to address this problem as we have brought. Do not believe us then read this article.Kidney stones are a common problem often unhealthy eating habits, less water is due to the need. Due to this problem, such as kidney stones inside the small stone that becomes hard. Appendicitis is a painful disease. The patient suddenly hurts. And passes into the ureter stones when the patient’s pain. This pain is not bearable. Stones in the vomiting, urination intermittent come, urinary bleeding, acute pain, and urinary tract symptoms are more. The horse gram dal you can cure the problem. Here’s how the pulse of horse gram helps in removing calculus.

  • Calculus of the treatment of the horse gram:- Pthrinashk horse gram dal is considered. According to Ayurveda, horse gram dal vitamin A is found in the body of vitamin A helps to prevent the fulfillment of calculus. Urad dal and red is the same. The pulse passes through the patient is given the stone. You can easily find in the market, grocery store.
  • Horse gram of the pulse of the impact:- Breaking stones or by consumption of horse gram dal Dhulkar becomes smaller, the stones in the bladder, and urine easily gets out of the way.
  • How do Kuthli the use:- Take 250 grams of lentils Kuthli and wipe it well. Soak in 3 liters of water and at night. Morning light with the water soaked dal and cook for 4 hours in the heat. And 1 liter of water is left then let it twist of ghee. You therein pepper, rock salt, cumin and turmeric can put. It is a successful drug for stones smaller than 1 centimeter.
  • Kuthli the water making the way:- Take 250 g of water 20 g Kuthli dal. Cover and keep in the night. Mix well and drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Once the stones are human, is at risk of having it again. After leaving the stones Kuthli patients should eat sometimes. The calculus is similar to horse gram drug.
  • Appendicitis is the what to eat and what things from the avoided:- In addition to calculus horse gram seeds of melons, radishes, amla, barley, moong dal and vegetables can eat Cholai. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of plain water a day as well. Appendicitis patient urad dal, fruits, chocolate, meat, tea, eggplant, tomatoes and rice should not eat.

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