10 advantages you will not know what to eat liquorice

Sore throat or cough, it is relieved by sucking liquorice. Also in liquorice many properties, which probably will not know you before. Find out how you could benefit liquorice. Liquorice is very beneficial drug. Liquorice using not only beneficial for gastric ulcer of the stomach disorder rather. The plant is from 1 to 6 feet. The taste is sweet, so it is also called liquorice. In real liquorice yellow, fibrous and is Gandhavali light. Its taste is dry, acidic. After two years of liquorice root extract the medicinal properties are present. The drug has been in use as long ago. Liquorice colon disease, respiratory disease, breast disease, eliminates Yonigt diseases. Fifty percent of the fresh water in liquorice, which remains on drying is only ten percent. Glisraijik acid due to its taste is sweeter than ordinary sugar, fifty times. Let us tell you about the properties of liquorice.

Liquorice ‘s properties:-

  • With the pepper eating liquorice cuff is loose. Dry cough when eating liquorice benefits. It is the swelling of the throat and cough.
  • If the mouth is dry and then benefited liquorice.
  • The water content is 50 per cent. Dry mouth, suck it up repeatedly. It will slake.
  • Sore throat is also used liquorice. Liquorice is used for the good tone.
  • Liquorice is very beneficial for women. A regular intake of liquorice powder village women, the vagina, sex, sense of beauty can maintain long-term.
  • Liquorice root eliminates stomach wounds, it fills the stomach wound. Liquorice root powder on the wound of the abdomen should be used.
  • Liquorice is beneficial for stomach ulcers. This initial part of the small intestine but not only Duodnl gastric ulcer is also fully benefit. When the liquorice powder Duodnl ulcer dyspepsia, hyper acidity, etc. beneficial impacts. Rapidly fills the ulcer wounds.
  • Coughing up blood after taking milk powder with liquorice benefits. Bloody vomiting also can be taken with honey.
  • When hiccups in the nose of liquorice powder mixed with honey dripping with water and five grams would benefit from feeding.
  • Liquorice are beneficial to intestinal tuberculosis.


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