Make a ginger scrub your lips in the winter!

Beautiful and shiny skin is a great way to get Aksfoliatt. And always in a good skin beauty treatment and scrubbing includes Aksfoliatt. It allows the skin to breathe freely and to love and also your lips are in need of breathing. So if you want to look good, then your face, body or lips should Aksfoliatt. Well then you are in the market with scrub lips can easily scrub lips. But Argennik and natural things you can easily do at home to help, so what is a waste of money? So today we are in the kitchen with the help of things tell you how to make soft lips. What’s so late with us on your soft lips, to get rid of dead skin unattractive Learn about natural ginger scrub.

Ginger scrub for lips:- Ginger is a wonderful natural skin Aksfoliatt. Tingling Irriteting properties in ginger and slightly irritate skin blood circulation increases. Once your lips gush of blood, then your lips and Fulr Pauti appear. Therefore the use ginger scrub lips with your lips Aksfoliatt Fulr shows.

Ginger scrub for lips content

  1. White or brown sugar – 1 tsp
  2. Organic honey – 1 tsp
  3. If you do not like the taste of honey on the lips a spoonful of honey, vanilla or chocolate can take place.
  4. Jar- 1 small container or (if you want to store paste)
  5. Fresh ginger – 1 small piece

How to create natural ginger lip scrub

Natural ginger scrub lips to follow the given steps. Step-by-step adoption of these natural tips you can easily find baby-lips.

Tape 1:  a clean bowls Take a teaspoon of white or brown sugar. Scrub you to make high amounts of sugar can increase. Paste You can use it 3-4 times. Because natural ginger scrub is very easy to make, so it is better to make a little remains.

Tape 2  pieces of ginger, washed with clean water, peel the outer layer. The ginger and cut into small pieces.

Tape 3:  Now, ginger and sugar in a bowl and mix one teaspoon of honey. Mix everything well again. Then the ginger scrub lips Apply on your lips.  As soon as the sugar is mixed in honey, it gets soft. Along with honey, ginger scent reduce Jinki provides moisture to your lips with. On the lips with a lip scrub Thpthpayen light hand.

Makes it possible to relieve itching scalp marigold

Sometimes dry scalp, dandruff, shampoo, scalp fungus due to unhealthy eating habits and itchy in the head, there is itching in the head do not understand how it should be stopped. At times, the head of public embarrassment or shame, leading to itching and irritation and scratching from the times when it takes the redness and rashes. But do not be upset, because home remedies will help you with the problem of itching can easily overcome. This home remedy to ward off your head itch hair care will also help. Through this article, let’s take this remedy information.

Itchy scalp and marigold: – smsya to avoid rather than use expensive products you can use marigold flowers. Marigold flowers Flkonoids help protect against harmful free radicals is high volume. Also anti-Inflementri marigold flowers, antiviral and antibacterial properties are known for. To relieve itching in the head’s how to use it.

Self Kal as of the lilies of the infusion:- 4 to prepare extracts of marigold marigold flowers, 500 ml water and half lemon needs. Now to make extracts water  lilies in flower  boil together for a while. Mix lemon juice in the water again. Infusion after preparation, shampoo massage well before it on your scalp. Then the Scalp to remove dandruff from your hair with apple cider vinegar and washable.Wash hair with a mild shampoo after naturally drying it. Avoid using hair dryer in hair because it may increase itching. To get the best results on a regular basis to use the infusion. This measure helps to relieve the symptoms of scalp psoriasis.

And other measures:- With the help of natural oils can also be used to relieve itchy scalp. Dry scalp is itchy too. So head Titry oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil should mix. As long as this measure does not solve the problem of itching used regularly.
Lemon juice is also good for the hair. Head a little lemon juice and a few minutes after hair wash met.

Black tea is helpful in weight loss

  • Black tea is helpful in weight loss:- “Black-T, featuring many properties that reduce your increasing weight. It has been proved in studies than milk tea tea without milk is better. First, the milk does not increase the weight of the works.
  • Reduce weight black tea:- Blue tea is very beneficial. It can relieve tension of mind helps keep you fresh. Energize body, mind fills. However, it also helps in weight loss as well as tea. Antioxidants in tea are effective in removing excess fat from the body. If you want to lose weight by drinking the tea, you should take care of some things.
  • Some things to keep in mind:-
  1. Antioxidants found in tea weight loss, but to a large extent the impact destroys milk.
  2. Many experts also believe that milk tea to lose weight instead of increasing it works. Usually several elements in the tea to lose fat. But shaking the tea in tea milk decreases the ability to reduce fat.
  3. Found in tea and weight loss and impressive Thyflevins Thirobigins milk reduces the effect of such elements. Indeed, tea, body fat loss and these elements are helpful in lowering cholesterol. But due to the high protein content in the milk of these effects is reduced.
  4. Drinking black tea to lose weight because you are mixing it neither milk nor sugar. Always use tea bags to black tea. This way you can make your calories count.
  5. If you drink black tea daily keeps your weight so you Ninytrit would reduce the risk of heart stroke. It prevents the formation of bad cholesterol Flevenoid.
  6. So we can say that is beneficial for weight loss tea without milk and excess fat in the body and is helpful in reducing cholesterol.
  • Other benefits of black tea:- Researchers from the University of Western Australia found that people who drink tea without milk three times a day to control their blood pressure is high. According to study author Jonathan Hagsn Vabmdi said first figured out that long-term use of black tea by its effectiveness in people with high blood pressure may drop in blood pressure and heart disease ten percent and heart attacks ten percent of the risk is reduced.

High-fiber diet to reduce weight

  • High-fiber diet to reduce weight:- And high intake of fiber rich diet can help you lose weight easily. Builds fiber digestion and helps to digest what we eat. High fiber foods you include in your diet, the disease prevention and weight will be less easily. Let us tell you about those foods which contain fiber.
  • High Fiber Diet:- The daily diet contains 25 to 35 grams of fiber, and high-fiber diet plan is called. Fiber foods, whole grains, apples, bananas, Nashpti, strawberries, oranges and green leafy vegetables rich in fiber is found. High-fiber diet on blood glucose and cholesterol control. It also improves food digestion is. There are two types of fiber. Hakots easily digestible soluble fiber in the colon and the soluble fiber in apples. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, it is digested in the large intestine.The high fiber foods is the better option for you would like to take the salad. Salad, raw vegetables and fruits in use for anti-oxidant, and the fibers are natural enzymes that keeps your weight under control. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, calcium, minerals, fibers, etc., which are a major source of growth for the body are useful. Pectin in lemon melt fat deposits in the body and slows the digestive process, which is hungry after eating it takes. Fiber whole grains, flour, flour, bran, rice bran, the skins of fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, seeds are found.
  • Fiber helps in weight loss:- Fiber is a carbohydrate of a particular kind of human digestive system unchanged, without changing in nutrients passes broken. Fiber is important work of the digestive system, to keep healthy. The feces and toxins from the body, helps in faster exit. High Fiber Diet fills the stomach quickly and can also help control appetite, excessive fiber rich foods take longer to chew, the food you eat slowly. This may help to reduce the amount of food and calories you will not amount to much. Taking fiber rich foods release sugar into the blood stream is too slow to control the amount of sugar you eat all the time and the frequent hunger does not escape.



Mint tea is helpful in weight loss

  • Mint tea is helpful in weight loss:- Rich in flavor and aroma, almost everyone would like peppermint. This, along with rising food taste and flavor is very beneficial for health. Peppermint is good for Hajme. The intake digestion is corrected. Antibiotics like peppermint works. The thing we all know about. But did you know that mint tea and its wonderful taste with the health benefits of weight loss is also very rewarding. The menthol, Menthon, a variety of other compounds such as methyl acetate, are also found. If you are also looking for ways to lose weight the natural way, they can be very good for you.
  • Mint tea for weight loss:- Dried mint leaves can be used to make fresh tea, hot or cold, it can make your Pasndanusar. Many of its fresh aroma of mint tea, natural flavor and caffeine content because much prefer free. The amount of calories, regardless of mint tea you can get a little sugar. In fact, a hot cup of mint tea to drink to your health and weight loss goals without interference could enjoy the taste.Mint tea in your weight loss program can help you in many ways. No sharp aroma of mint suppress your craving and appetite control have helped. So some people drink tea after dinner ends with dessert craving.
  • According to several studies:- Many studies show that stomach mint tea to clean properly helps to calm the gastrointestinal tract. This way everything flows naturally in the body, causing  weight loss to  help.Mint tea in your diet you can feel relaxed. Levels of cortisol with stress builds up. And trying to lose weight can have negative effects on the metabolism. But tea is soothing and calming aroma relaxation helps bring your body back on track. Thus increasing Hazma mint tea helps increase the weight loss process. This tea sugar levels balanced while keeping your body reduces the desire to eat sweet and mint Strong Smell kills the desire to eat more.
  • How to make mint tea:- Mix two tablespoons of mint leaves in boiling water, boil it for ten to fifteen minutes. After boiling, take the filter it enjoyed. In it you can taste his honey mixed.





Dance and decrease obesity

Obese people with whom they dance with yoga and go to the gym boring can control obesity. Dancing with our entertainment has become a full body workout. Dance everyday to meet the body remains healthy. Dance is an adverse impact on the mind of the mind remains buoyant because you feel you have fun fiercely. Those who a little while obesity problem even to those who do not dance. Everyday people who are overweight, if they dance around the problem of obesity can be found. Just less than 5 minutes on the dance floor to dance the body is thirty calories. Those who begin to dance at an early age they have less stress.Dance is an adverse impact on the mind of the mind remains buoyant because you feel you have fun fiercely. Those who a little while obesity problem even to those who do not dance. Everyday people who are overweight, if they dance around the problem of obesity can be found. Just less than 5 minutes on the dance floor to dance the body is thirty calories. Those who begin to dance at an early age they have less stress.

If you are overweight but if you do not like the gym or yoga dance is a great option for you. Let us show you how dance can be obesity.

  1. Dance is for fun and celebration, but the fun and celebration of the excess fat in your body under control is to reduce obesity.
  2. First, select your favorite song, do a dance. Through its music system in the room or on the terrace in the morning, do the dance to the tune of the songs.
  3. Salsa and belly dancing from the excess fat around the waist is over.
  4. Hip-hop and salsa of calories than the body burns.
  5. Than those who do not dance fast and low-motion dancing their calories are burned.
  6. Do Arobikson loud music playing in the house, dance is also a type of aerobics. Aerobics various steps to reduce fat in the body can be frozen.
  7. During the dance with our feet and hands are full body exercises. The blood circulation of the body during the dance is very loud.
  8. Dancing on the muscles of the whole body has to stretch too much.
  9. Go to the disco dance can be fun.
  10. If you dance for 30 minutes every day in a month can reduce the weight by 5-10 kg.
  11. If you do not have to dance beautifully, no matter. If you are anxious to dance in front of everyone in the room alone, do my favorite song with a dance. Listen to the song while eating also reduces obesity. Favorite song to listen to while you relax and eat slowly to reduce weight is to chew chewing eat.


10 advantages you will not know what to eat liquorice

Sore throat or cough, it is relieved by sucking liquorice. Also in liquorice many properties, which probably will not know you before. Find out how you could benefit liquorice. Liquorice is very beneficial drug. Liquorice using not only beneficial for gastric ulcer of the stomach disorder rather. The plant is from 1 to 6 feet. The taste is sweet, so it is also called liquorice. In real liquorice yellow, fibrous and is Gandhavali light. Its taste is dry, acidic. After two years of liquorice root extract the medicinal properties are present. The drug has been in use as long ago. Liquorice colon disease, respiratory disease, breast disease, eliminates Yonigt diseases. Fifty percent of the fresh water in liquorice, which remains on drying is only ten percent. Glisraijik acid due to its taste is sweeter than ordinary sugar, fifty times. Let us tell you about the properties of liquorice.

Liquorice ‘s properties:-

  • With the pepper eating liquorice cuff is loose. Dry cough when eating liquorice benefits. It is the swelling of the throat and cough.
  • If the mouth is dry and then benefited liquorice.
  • The water content is 50 per cent. Dry mouth, suck it up repeatedly. It will slake.
  • Sore throat is also used liquorice. Liquorice is used for the good tone.
  • Liquorice is very beneficial for women. A regular intake of liquorice powder village women, the vagina, sex, sense of beauty can maintain long-term.
  • Liquorice root eliminates stomach wounds, it fills the stomach wound. Liquorice root powder on the wound of the abdomen should be used.
  • Liquorice is beneficial for stomach ulcers. This initial part of the small intestine but not only Duodnl gastric ulcer is also fully benefit. When the liquorice powder Duodnl ulcer dyspepsia, hyper acidity, etc. beneficial impacts. Rapidly fills the ulcer wounds.
  • Coughing up blood after taking milk powder with liquorice benefits. Bloody vomiting also can be taken with honey.
  • When hiccups in the nose of liquorice powder mixed with honey dripping with water and five grams would benefit from feeding.
  • Liquorice are beneficial to intestinal tuberculosis.


Asparagus is a miraculous medicine for pregnancy

What are you willing to pregnancy and the desire to fulfill his or adopting measures are tired? But to no avail, then do not worry, but age old way and see, yes asparagus! Asparagus is an herb, used for centuries for this problem is. According to Ayurveda, asparagus intake capacity increased fertility in both male and female, as well as increased libido. Just then, as well as increases the chances of conception. Let me know how asparagus enhances the chances of fertility in women.

  • Balance hormonal imbalance:- Many women over the age of fertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome pass curve, as a result, there is the problem of hormonal imbalance. Asparagus reduce these symptoms, hormonal balance and fertility is likely to grow.
  • Improve Ovulation:-  A component of the main components found in asparagus steroidal Saponin (steroidal saponins) is. This component is known to contain estrogen. Kansiv the period and the possibility of regular increases.
  • Improve cervical mucus making Sikreshn:- Sikreshn of cervical mucus also decreased in pregnancy occurs. Cervical mucus is secreted by the cervix and uterus cervical mucous and sperm, and eggs to meet with women’s Reproductive tract. Asparagus is a Musilej Musilej membrane protect it works like a tonic.
  • Reduce stress:- Did you know that stress has an impact on your fertility. Ovulation problems due to stress and tissue damage caused by inflammation or affect the reproductive system, the uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts Falopin tube was blocked with raises as many problems. Due to all these problems is interrupted Kansiv. But the white blood cells in the body’s intake of asparagus production increases, thereby reducing inflammation, harmful toxins and waste material from the blood helps to absorb. And increases the chances of getting pregnant. For women who wish to conceive of asparagus a day to 4.5 mg to be consumed as dry plant.

Appendicitis is the panacea Horsegram

If you are bothered by the pain of kidney stones and are finding ways to avoid the pain your horse gram dal to address this problem as we have brought. Do not believe us then read this article.Kidney stones are a common problem often unhealthy eating habits, less water is due to the need. Due to this problem, such as kidney stones inside the small stone that becomes hard. Appendicitis is a painful disease. The patient suddenly hurts. And passes into the ureter stones when the patient’s pain. This pain is not bearable. Stones in the vomiting, urination intermittent come, urinary bleeding, acute pain, and urinary tract symptoms are more. The horse gram dal you can cure the problem. Here’s how the pulse of horse gram helps in removing calculus.

  • Calculus of the treatment of the horse gram:- Pthrinashk horse gram dal is considered. According to Ayurveda, horse gram dal vitamin A is found in the body of vitamin A helps to prevent the fulfillment of calculus. Urad dal and red is the same. The pulse passes through the patient is given the stone. You can easily find in the market, grocery store.
  • Horse gram of the pulse of the impact:- Breaking stones or by consumption of horse gram dal Dhulkar becomes smaller, the stones in the bladder, and urine easily gets out of the way.
  • How do Kuthli the use:- Take 250 grams of lentils Kuthli and wipe it well. Soak in 3 liters of water and at night. Morning light with the water soaked dal and cook for 4 hours in the heat. And 1 liter of water is left then let it twist of ghee. You therein pepper, rock salt, cumin and turmeric can put. It is a successful drug for stones smaller than 1 centimeter.
  • Kuthli the water making the way:- Take 250 g of water 20 g Kuthli dal. Cover and keep in the night. Mix well and drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Once the stones are human, is at risk of having it again. After leaving the stones Kuthli patients should eat sometimes. The calculus is similar to horse gram drug.
  • Appendicitis is the what to eat and what things from the avoided:- In addition to calculus horse gram seeds of melons, radishes, amla, barley, moong dal and vegetables can eat Cholai. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of plain water a day as well. Appendicitis patient urad dal, fruits, chocolate, meat, tea, eggplant, tomatoes and rice should not eat.

Clove is beneficial in the treatment of many diseases

Enhance the taste of food with cloves of Ayurvedic Medicine works. Besides that appear small in size cloves spices can be used in many ways. Ranging from simple problems, such as cold in the treatment of severe disease like cancer it is used.

Types of cloves:- There are two kinds of cloves, the sharp aroma and the other blue. Clove oil is extracted from the blue machines. The smell of oil is fast and simple in taste is pungent cloves. Clove oil is used as medicine. It kills insects by applying oil on the skin and in the teeth by applying tooth pain relief. Through this article we tell you about the benefits of cloves.

Benefits of clove:-

  1. The clove oil is removed, it is much more rewarding.
  2. Kapha-Pitta cloves as well as analgesics is also deadly.
  3. Cloves should be taken to nausea and thirst.
  4. Direct direct influences digestion cloves.
  5. Long intake increases appetite, it increases the secretion of digestive juices.
  6. Worms in the stomach so food intake cloves gives relief.
  7. Ground cloves with sugar syrup or honey is useful to take.
  8. Clove eating white blood cell in the body mounting, the body is strong.
  9. Clove is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma.
  10. The advantages of cloves in diseases:-
  11. I have problems with the skin of any type can be used on the cloves. Bure cloves with sandalwood on skin disease Coating benefits.
  12. When the gas in the stomach in a cup of boiling water add two cloves ground. Let him drink water after cooling, will end acidity.
  13. Pain in the teeth two to three cloves Grind lemon juice came Collect toothache relief.
  14. The smell of the mouth by chewing cloves roasted lighter ends.
  15. Ulcers in the mouth to chew on cloves benefits.
  16. Ground cloves with hot water from the food is cold and fever.
  17. Pain or swelling in the neck, throat pain by massage with mustard oil of cloves is over.